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Like our ring owners, we at Abelstedt have always been dreamers, and our passion is the moment of surprise. There's no other way to let her get a feeling for the beautifully unexpected than to let her unbox her new Abelstedt ring herself.

Surprise Her... Again and Again

An Abelstedt is not something to give her once in a lifetime. Every girl has always had an idea of how the dream ring you only get on one particular occasion should look like. With our sparkling one-of-a-kind creations in the available price range, Abelstedt has made it possible for everyone to have more than one dream ring and receive or buy it on several occasions - and most importantly bought or given with love through all generations in the family.

That is what Abelstedt's vision is based on. It is the love of the beautiful, the aesthetic, what we give to each other, or ourselves.

Silver ring on an Abelstedt box

The Abelstedt Blue Box

An Abelstedt ring is always presented and delivered in the renowned Abelstedt Blue Box. It holds the promise of astonishing design, matchless quality, and flawless craftsmanship.

With its beautiful, traditional Abelstedt color palette and the adorably tied white satin ribbon, Abelstedt’s entirely new Blue Box is the perfect way to present the ring of her dreams.

Girl wearing ring with an Abelstedt box
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